Yellow Tip



 RED belt Yellow tip.

This grade is applied when a student learns the self defence techniques ONLY from the complete yellow belt syllabus. A yellow tip student still has to learn and successfully perform the Blocking sets and Kick set 1 to obtain his full yellow belt status.


Blocking Sets: Block / Palm and chop sets.


  Kick set 1.

 Attention stance 90 horse stance Step back into left 45 horse stance… Right neutral kick position then right front kick. Right neutral kick position then land into right 45… Left neutral kick position then left front kick. Left neutral kick position then land into left 45………Step back into left cat stance. Left Front kick then …..back to neutral kick position…..then land behind with left leg into Right 45 horse stance……… Step back into right cat stance.  Right Front kick then …. back to neutral kick position…. then land behind with right leg into left 45 horse stance…… Step up to right cat stance facing the right hand side with arms in protection position… then step out with the right foot to 90 horse stance……. Salutation and then step up bringing in the left foot into attention stance


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