RED BELT Syllabus


Red belt syllabus.


Stance Set 1.

 Attention stance, step out with left foot to 90 horse stance and bring your hands into salutation

position. Place your hands in fighting position and move into a right cat stance, then go into a right 45 horse……..Now move into a left cat stance, then step through into a left 45 horse.

 Move your left foot into Left cat stance,  and then step back into a  right 45 horse stance, ……..assume a right cat stance now and then step back into a left 45 horse stance.Step back up with your right leg to right cat stance facing your right hand side. Now step out with right foot in to a 90 horse stance.

 Step in with your left foot in to left cat stance facing your left then step back out with the left leg to 90 horse stance. Bring fists back onto the hips and then stand in attention stance.


Blocking set 1.

 Attention stance then step out with your left leg to 90 horse stance with fists on hip. Right upward,right inward, right outward, right outer extended block, right inner palm block across face, right downward block. Right fist back on your hip.

Left upward, left inward, left outward, left outer extended block, left inner palm block across face, left downward block. Left fist back on your hip. Step back to attention stance.


Combination Techniques:


Inward windmills. 2. Outward windmills. 3. Front Kick, jab and opposite 


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