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                   Blue Tip.


Blocking form.

This is the old blocking form (used to be for old red belt grade)


Punch set 2.

Attention stance. 90 horse and place both fists on your hips. Right vertical punch to the face. Left vertical punch to the face.

 Right horizontal punch to the solar plexus. Left horizontal punch to the solar plexus.

 Right reverse hammer fist to the groin, right back knuckle to face. Left reverse hammer fist to the groin and then left back knuckle to the face.

 Right hammer fist to temple. Left hammer fist to the temple

 Right uppercut and then left uppercut. 



1.  Overhead weapon.

 Step forward on your left foot doing a left upward block, cocking your right hand at your right ear. Execute a right chop to the neck and grab his shoulders pulling him forward onto a left knee to his chest / heart.


2.  Front choke.

 Step forward into a short right cat stance. Clasping both hands together swing them up between your opponent’s arms. Now execute a double back knuckle to his face leaving your left hand covering his eyes deliver a right half fist to the throat go to reverse bow arrow stance and deliver a reverse hammer fist to the groin, return to cat stance delivering a right back knuckle to his face while covering off your midsection with the left hand.


3.  Single lapel grab.

 Stepping back with your left foot into a right cat stance execute a right inward left inward block to his left arm. At ht same time deliver a right blade kick to his left knee, stamping down to dislocate the knee cap. Finish off with a right downward elbow, right upward elbow to his heart and chop to the side of his neck.


4. Grab from behind arms free.

 Step out to 90 deg. Horse stance and giving your opponent two elbow shots to his forearms. Bring your left leg in and place it behind your opponent’s knees, follow up with a left elbow to the face and a right hammer fist to his groin. (Form 2)


5. Long Kick.

Step in to right 45 deg. Horse stance doing a left downward block followed with a right punch to the right thigh. Right upward elbow to his chin followed by a right hammer fist to his right temple.


Combination techniques.


1. Moving forward and backwards (45 horse) doing open hand chop and blocks.


2. Wrist grab technique (right grabbing left and left grabbing right). Wrist release, then grab his wrist, pull the arm down and chop his arm down and then crane shot his ttemple/jaw. Done on both sides.



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