3rd Brown 1st Kyu

                                 3rd Brown 1stKyu.


 Full form 5.




1. Straight punch.

Step forward into a left 45 horse stance doing a right outward block and executing a left straight punch to his jaw. Push his arm in close to his body with your left hand as you circle your right hand out and around striking him with a raking back fist to his right kidney.

Keep his right arm pinned against his body as your right hand circles up anticlockwise to his face and you perform a claw shot.

Deliver a left hammer shot to his right hamstring and then step through to deliver a right blade kick to his left leg (behind his knee,).


2.  Eight count chop.

 Step into a right 45 horse stance doing a left open hand outward chop block . Right hand is cocked at your right ear. Perform a right claw shot and chop to his face.

Left spear hand poke to his solar plexus and right spear hand poke to his floating ribs. Swing back your left foot behind your right as you carry out a left chop to his neck and then finish off with a right claw shot and chop to his head.


3. Right flank Right straight punch.

 Step forward into a left bow arrow stance allow your body to turn to the right and execute a left inward palm block to his right wrist and a right outward chop block to his right triceps nerve area. Immediately deliver a right side chop to his right floating ribs.

Pivot to right bow arrow stance and deliver a left opposite punch to his temple.

Step through with your left leg and deliver a right inward elbow to his ribs.

Then pivot stance as you deliver a right claw chop to his head and a left hammer fist to his



4. Front Choke

 Circle your right arm over your opponents left arm and your left arm under his right arm.

Grab your left hand with your right hand.

Step forward into a left bow arrow stance whilst you apply a clockwise lever with your forearms to break the opponents choke grip.

Crane grip the back of his neck with your right hand and pull him down  whilst delivering a right knee shot to his abdomen.

Circle your right leg behind his right leg and deliver a right sweep to the back of his calf muscle. Your right leg comes back so you are in a left bow arrow stance.

Step in with your right leg behind opponent and grab his neck with your arm hold.

You can pull him back onto your right knee  if you go into right bow arrow stance.


2 man techniques.


1. Front right straight punch and rear double handed waist grab from behind.

 Execute a right inward block as your left hand covers off and deliver a right front kick into your opponents stomach/Groin.

Plant your right leg into a 90 horse stance and raise both your arms up over your head and as you land your foot bring down both elbows with force on your 2nd opponents wrists or pressure points on his arm.

Bring your left leg in and place it behind your opponent. As you twist your body deliver a right elbow shot to his face and as he falls back over your left leg perform a right hammer fist to his groin.


2. Front right straight punch and rear left handed right shoulder grab followed by a rear right straight

 Step into a left 45 horse doing a left inward block and simultaneously doing a right outward block.

Step through with your right foot as you hit opponent 1 in the ribs with a racking hammer shot. Your left hand is cocked at your right ear and as you pivot around facing opponent 2 you chop opponent 1 in the neck/ribs with your left hand.

Perform a right inward block  and snap kick to his groin as you cover off with left hand. Land in right 45 horse stance after the snap kick and deliver an inward elbow to his temple.


3.  Double flank shoulder and wrist grab.


Step back with your right leg into a low twist stance whilst pulling both your wrists towards each other. Deliver a knee shot to the right sided opponents chin and then side kick to his left knee.

Bring your right leg into a twist stance behind the other opponent. Right knee shot to his thigh and raise his leg slightly. Then extend your kicking leg and side kick to his left leg. And finish off with hammer fist to his temple.


4.  Front  straight punch and right flank Left straight punch.

Step into a right 45 horse stance and carry out a right knife hand block. Deliver a right chop to the first opponents throat.

Step into cat stance and then facing the right side go into a right 45 horse doing a right outward block. shuffle forward and deliver a right thrust punch and step forward finishing off with a left chop to his throat.


5.  Left handed right shoulder grab and right handed left shoulder grab.

Step into a shortened long stance with your right leg and deliver a right chop to the first opponents throat. Step up into a right front twist stance with your left hand cocked below your left ear. Pivot into horse stance and deliver a left chop to opponent 2 throat. Swing your left leg back into right horse stance and deliver a claw and chop to his face and neck.


6. Double flank shoulder grabs.

Circle your arms over and under your opponents arms on both sides and deliver a double uppercut just above the elbows.

Then deliver double back knuckles to their solar plexus.

Circle your arms under both opponents arms and grab the back of their necks.

Step back on 1 leg and push both their heads together.



Application style and techniques (stationary and mobile):

Front kicks.

Side Kicks

Roundhouse kicks

 Reverse roundhouse.


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