1st Dan Black Belt

1st Degree Black belt.

Junior Instructor.


 Form 6.


1. Single handed hair grab.

Grab opponents hand with both your hands. Push your head forward and lock his wrists with your hands and head. Start to shuffle backwards as you pull his hands down towards the ground.

Once the grip is released step forward with the right foot and execute a right inward elbow. Left palm shot to gallbladder triangle on the head. Right hammer fist to gallbladder 20.


2.  Double handed hair grab and attempted right knee to the face.

Step back into a left short horse stance and simultaneously block his right knee with a left downward block and deliver a right forearm shot to his groin. Deliver a right racking back knuckle to his left inner thigh. Deliver a right thrust punch to his right inner knee.

Left outward block taking his hands away from your head and right punch to his armpit. If hands are still on the hair double punch into both his sides near the arm pits


3.  Front left handed chest push.

Step back with left leg into a right cat stance as you execute a right inward chop block to his arm.

Left punch to his lower dan tien area. Step back with the left foot into right horse stance perform a right hammer fist to his kidneys. 

Grab him and give a left knee to his ribs. 360 spin and right elbow into his face.


4.  Front Double Punch.

Step into a right short bow arrow stance and execute a right inward chop block.

Execute a right outward chop block to his left punching arm.

Shuffle forward slightly going into a short bow arrow stance and deliver a right reverse chop to opponents groin.

Crane grab the back of his neck with your left hand and hook his right jaw with your right thumb knuckles.

Shuffle back into a cat stance as you snap your opponents neck.


 5.  Arm lock from behind.

Counter grab your opponents right wrist as you step back with your left leg and deliver a left back elbow to his face or throat.

Step forward with your left leg into a long bow arrow stance and then execute a side kick to his knee or ribs.

Land in a right horse stance, whilst twisting your opponents arm clockwise and getting him into a right wrist grab position.

Go into a left twist stance and deliver a left forearm shot to his right elbow joint.

Deliver a left downward blade kick to the outer side of his right knee.


6.  Overhead Weapon.

 Step forward into a left bow arrow stance doing a right overhead weapon block.

Grab his right wrist with your right hand and step forward into a left horse stance and breaking his right arm by pushing his right elbow joint with your left forearm.

Deliver a left back knuckle to his temple.


7, Front Choke.

Grab his little finger and bend it backwards to loosen the grip. Kick the inside of either leg below the knee.

Knee shot into the liver points along the inguinal crease, Upward elbow shot to the chin.


8. Right arm head lock.

Step forward and into a right horse stance while you deliver a right ridge hand shot to his groin.

Pivot on left foot and left punch gallbladder point 31 on the side of his leg.

Step forward into twist stance with left foot and as you pivot out to horse execute a ridge hand chop to Gall bladder 20 and left palm shot to triple Gallbladder points on the forehead.


9. Double lapel tight choke grip.

 Both thumbs come up into Te 17 point behind the ears,

Shuffle forward with right foot and open palm along the left jaw of your opponent.

Right roundhouse kick along outside of his left leg (stomach channel).

Shuffle in on right leg and execute a right direct elbow shot to his stomach channel (2 inches off his body centre line).

Keep covering off with your left hand and step across into left twist stance. Allow your right hand and arm to rotate clockwise as you pivot into horse stance and impact a left hammer fist on his kidneys.


10. Knife attack.

Step into a right 45 horse stance doing a left downward block.

Grab his wrist with both hands and step back into a long bow arrow stance with your right foot. You are swinging his arm clockwise as you step back. 

Lock the wrist and bend his wrist as his palm is facing his own body. The knife will drop.

Then execute a right front kick to his face. Land into right horse stance and drop down hitting the TE channel above his elbow with a downward elbow.

Finish off with a right hammer fist to TE 17 behind ears,


Form Complete applications

 The understanding of each individual move within each form up to and including form 5. 


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